Habia RTFRO multi-core cables 300/500V


Habia Cable is a leading international manufacturer of specialist wire and cable. Our diesel engine cables have been used for over 20 years by a number of leading diesel manufacturers.

Developed for demanding installations in tough areas such as engine rooms and control rooms, our cables are able to offer mechanical strength which enables installation without

added protection along with a wide temperature range of -65oC to +150oC that can guarantee a long lifetime, even when placed close to the heat source. Habia’s diesel engine cables are

oil and chemical resistant and flame retardant to IEC 60332-3 adding major safety benefits.


Key Properties

Voltage rating: 300/500V

Test voltage: 1 minute at 5 kV DC

Temperature range: -65oC to +95oC *

Flame retardant, Low smoke generation, RoHS Compliant


* Insulation and sheath materials will operate over the temperature range: -65oC to +150oC

** Screen and sheath will appear un-round due to the use of a drain wire which will create a ‘nose’ on one side of the cable. Dimensions are stated as A,A x B,B where the dimension A,A

is the diameter over the roundest part of the cable and B,B is diameter including the ‘nose’.


Cable construction:

Cores: Tin Plated Copper (TPC)

Insulation: ETFE


Screen: Tin plated copper drain wire beneath braid of tin plated copper wire (85% min coverage) **


Sheath: ETFE **

Identification & Marking

Cores: See individual drawing for details

Sheath: Black

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