BFOU power cable, mud resistant to NEK606

Conductors: Tinned annealed stranded copper

Core identification: Single core: off-white 2 core: off-white & black, 3 core: off-white, black & red, 4 core: off-white, black, red & blue.

Insulation: MGT (Mica glass tape), halogen free EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber),

Screen: TCWB (Tinned copper wire braid)

Sheath/Jacket: Type: SHF, thermoset dual compound, halogen free and mud resistant

Sheath colours: Black & Grey Voltage: 600/1000v

Operating temperature: Maximum 85°C, minimium bending -40°C


IEC60092-353: electrical installation in ships, power cables,

NEK606: cables for offshore installation halogen-free or mud-resistant,

IEC60092.375 shipboard telecommunications cable,

IEC60331: fire resistant,

IEC60332: flame retardant,

IEC61031-1.2: smoke denisty,

IEC60754-1, halogen free properties,

IEC60228: electical conductor

Applications: Mud resistant cables suitable for control, lighting and power systems

Type Approvals: ABS, DNV & Lloyd’s Register of Shipping

​All Cable is sold in 100m Lengths

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