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Flir One

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Flir One

Always wanted to try thermography but never been able to afford it? With the FLIR ONE, you can turn your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S into a thermal camera!

Designed like a conventional case for a phone, the FLIR ONE clips directly onto the iPhone and uses its dual thermal camera and digital camera system - in combination with the FLIR ONE app - to take thermal images with enhanced digital detail.

This technology, known as FLIR MSX, extracts the details from a digital image and directly blends it together with a thermal image. This makes it significantly easier to see what the camera was pointing at, allowing objects to be easily identified.

The FLIR ONE can be used in countless applications. In the home, it can be used for energy efficiency checks or checking your car, at work it can perform insulation surveys and check pipes for heat and in other applications it can be used to see through the dark, spot animals and much more!

The ONE has its own independent power supply (and won't drain your iPhone's battery).

FLIR ONE Personal Thermal Imager Key Features

  • Clips directly onto an iPhone 5 or Iphone 5S
  • Space grey colour
  • Lightweight design - shaped like a normal phone case for comfortable use
  • High sensitivity - spots differences in temperature as low as 0.1°C
  • Includes both a visual and a thermal camera
  • MSX blending - the detail of a digital image with the temperature data of a thermal image
  • Own battery supply
  • Works in combination with the FLIR ONE app
  • Use in the home - check your car's engine, check your home's energy efficiency, monitor pets, detect people near your home and more
  • Use at work - check water heaters and furnaces, locate poor insulation, see moisture build-up, find water leaks and locate pipes
  • Use anywhere else - see through the dark when outdoors, observe wild animals and do whatever your imagination says!
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